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Deactivate alarm for license warning



i have a cluster configuration, where only the master firewall have utm and idp license. This configuration works fine and the customer has no problem if there is no idp for a few hours if the master unit get damaged.


Because of the UTM policie rules the slave firewall says there is no license for anti-virus and anti-spam. And since 11.4 I also get a commit warning:

root@firewall-master# commit 
configuration check succeeds
[edit security utm feature-profile anti-virus type]
  'type juniper-express-engine'
    warning: requires 'av_key_kaspersky_engine' license
[edit security utm utm-policy pol_utm_av_as]
    warning: requires 'anti_spam_key_sbl' license
commit complete
commit complete
Is there any way to suppress this warnings and alarms? Or can I activate a filter rule with the groups function to filter out the "utm-policy" statement in the policies?
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Re: Deactivate alarm for license warning

I don't believe that there is a way around this.

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Re: Deactivate alarm for license warning

Agree, probably no way around it.  you would need different policies on the backup device that don't use UTM.


Suggest licensing the second...


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