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HA Clustering on a 650

This might be a simple question to answer, but I am new with JunOS.

I am trying to get 2 650's clustered in an Active/Passive mode.  Each box only has the 4 default ports (we are using them as Firewalls only at this point), do I have enough ports to do this?  Does anyone have a sample config I can start with?

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Re: HA Clustering on a 650

sadly you do not have enough ports unless you trunk all your networks on the same physical port and use subinterfaces


3 interfaces get consumed when you turn on clustering on all SRX platforms:


1 for MGMT (fxp0)

1 for Control Plane (fxp1 I believe)

1 for Data plane (fab)


on the SRX 650 I believe those consume ge-0/0/0 through ge-0/0/2, respectively.


you can do a router on a stick type scenario if you do not have any SRX650 interface PIMs and use the remaining ge-0/0/3 port with sub interfaces, with each subinterface assigned to a separate zone.


good luck.



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Re: HA Clustering on a 650

This may help ...