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How Does Chassis Cluster Work from External View?

Looking for a pointer or a direct explanation as to how chassis clustering works from the point of view of other devices on the network. That is, how does do peers on the Layer 2 link and the switch learn that traffic to the reth0 address now goes somewhere else?


Is it like VRRP where the other Layer 2 devices never see anything and the switch just needs to learn that the virtual MAC is somewhere else now? Does the MAC-IP pair change for the LAN neighbors and the switch really doesn't see anything?

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Re: How Does Chassis Cluster Work from External View?

If you are talking specifically about RETH, then yes, it is similar to VRRP where the SRX sends out a gratituitous ARP during a failover scenario to "take over" the IP address from the failed device.  Chassis cluster also describes many other failover scenarios (l-3 for example with a routing protocol), as well as the general mechanism for control-plane failover.