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IF-MAP and vGW


I was wondering if there's a future integration of IF-MAP in the vGW product.

The idea of having IC transmitting identities through IF-MAP to firewalls is nice. But it's currently limited to the physical SRX while current trend mixes physical and virtual firewalls.


Juniper Employee
Juniper Employee
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Re: IF-MAP and vGW

We have had discussions with the UAC team regarding IF-MAP support, and it is definitely something we have on our longer term radar.   But,  the reality for the next couple versions is that we don't have the development cycles to include this feature, as we have some major features like IPv6 and additional hypervisor support scheduled for early 2012.   


Currently, we recommend a combination of vGW for inter-VM security, and SRX for other services like NAT, VPN, and IF-MAP.