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Juniper trunking with cisco 3550 and inter-vlan routing

We’re looking into setting up inter vlan-routing on a Juniper SRX650 that we'd like to trunk with a cisco 3550.  Since the cisco 3550 will be trunked, I'm wondering if the cisco 3550 switch will pass the vlan traffic. Ideally, i'd like to assign the ports on the cisco switch to different vlans that have been configured on the Juniper. I know juniper doesn't support VTP so i plan on creating vlans on the cisco 3550 with the same vlan id's that i've created on juniper. Is this possible? 


Please see attached. I've configured, ge-2/0/0 with vlan-tagging  and assigned to vlan-id's not really sure if I need layer3 trunking or ethernet-switching.


One more thing.


Eventually, I' like to set this same setup on an srx100 (HA) cluster but I read that Ethernet-switching is disabled on cluster


Can anyone help?




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Re: Juniper trunking with cisco 3550 and inter-vlan routing

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Yeah you can do layer three router on a stick type stuff if you wish, or just put the port into trunking mode with ethernet-switching.


With ethernet-switching you WONT be able to do this in a cluster, so option one is probably best.


Oh, and I see your using a module on the 650 so no worries but, the built in ports on that guy don't do ethernet switching either. ge-0/0/0 through ge-0/0/3.


ge-2/0/0 {
        unit 0 {
            vlan-id 3;
            family inet {
 ge-2/0/0 {
        unit 0 {
            family ethernet-switching {
                port-mode trunk;
                vlan {
                    members all;

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Re: Juniper trunking with cisco 3550 and inter-vlan routing


Don't forget "spanning-tree portfast trunk" on C3550 interface facing SRX or You will be looking at slow convergence after port bounce.






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