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PAT and Port Forwarding

Hi all, 


By looking at the SRX Security Configuration guide for the SRX I was unable to find any information in regards to PAT and Port Fowarding.


Unfortunately I don't have my SRX240 yet I am trying to get a good understanding of the commands and J-WEB since I am new to JUNOS. Can anybody guide me or show me the right direction on how I can configure PAT with no Nat address pools and Port Forwarding? 


I have a POS server, which my POS devices get their price updates from. The server is located in my POS VLAN and I would like to allow all Point Of Sale computers ftp access to my server. Is it possible to forward port 21 to my server with an ACL. 



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Re: PAT and Port Forwarding

By PAT with no address pools I am assuming that you mean source NAT using the interface IP itself. Here is link to documentation that shows how to configure this.


Source NAT Configuration Overview


To use interface IP instead of an address pool, specify action interface instead of pool in your source NAT rule. 


For port forwarding, this sounds like you are looking for destination NAT. 


Destination NAT Configuration Overview


Hopefully you will find the above links useful.