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Proxy DNS on SRX240

Hi Experts


I need to configure the proxy DNS on SRX240. Is this feature available now?



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Re: Proxy DNS on SRX240

It may be available in versions 11.1 and above.


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Re: Proxy DNS on SRX240



I have 11.4 but below example does not accept it



[edit system services]

dns-proxy { interface { ge-0/0/1.0; } server-select default { domain name * ; name-server {;; } } }

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Re: Proxy DNS on SRX240

I have been waiting for this to get re-added for a while now, so if it is working now, please let us know. If not, can you give a guestimate of the version it will be re-added on (I think it was suppoed to be added back in a vew versions ago?)

For my specific situaiton, I am hoping to be able to use DNS proxying to send different domain queries to different DNS servers (ie to an internal only DNS box and * to an external/public DNS server.)