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SRX 100 to practices

Hi Experts

If I have one SRX 100 can I used it to practices the L2VPN , VPLS and P2MP LSPs with support of logical system , I am Planning to buy SRX-100 to do some ENT and SP lab practise so what is your advice ?

Thanks a lot


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Re: SRX 100 to practices

Logical systems is not currently supported on any SRX platform. Other features you mention should be possible with latest JUNOS version.

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Re: SRX 100 to practices

For studying routing protocols, you can use virtual routers and LT interfaces to interconnect them. I have an SRX100 in packet-mode which I use to play with OSPF/BGP/.., works fine.


For MPLS, you can't use a single SRX100 as there are no logical systems on SRX. You can use multiple SRX and connect them together. The only drawback here is that the SRX100 only have FE interfaces so no jumbo frames. Your L2VPNs will end up with a smaller than usual MTU. Thats no problem for most lab setups though.