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SRX210 problem with connect ADSL modem via Cisco2950


Hi all.


I have a problem with my SRX210.  SRX fe-0/0/6 connect with trunk interface of cisco 2950. Cisco 2950 connect with ISP ADSL modem where interface ip add (gateway). And I don't have connection with global network. If i connect notebook to ADSL modem connection up. I have same config (but with other subnet) on other interface and he work.  My English is bad, sorry:smileyhappy: 


root@srx210> show configuration interfaces fe-0/0/6          

on interfaces fe-0/0/vlan-tagging;unit 3

{    vlan-id 3;    family inet{     

  address;    }




root@srx210> show configuration routing-options static


route next-hop;



root@srx210> show interfaces fe-0/0/6.3    

  Logical interface fe-0/0/6.3 (Index 72) (SNMP ifIndex 122)     Flags: SNMP-Traps 0x0 VLAN-Tag [ 0x8100.3 ]  Encapsulation: ENET2    Input packets : 0     Output packets: 51    Security: Zone: Null    Protocol inet, MTU: 1500      Flags: None      Addresses, Flags: Is-Preferred Is-Primary        Destination:, Local:,        Broadcast:


root@srx210> ping source PING ( 56 data bytes^C--- ping statistics ---8 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss


root@srx210> show version 

Hostname: srx210Model: srx210-hm

JUNOS Software Release [10.0R3.10]

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Re: SRX210 problem with connect ADSL modem via Cisco2950

1. check 2950, properly configured i.e. vlan-3 with tagged port connected to srx and access port connected to adsl modem ...

2. check zone and policy configuration

if problem remains, post configs of 2950 and srx

Hafiz Muhammad Farooq
IBM Qradar Deployment Professional

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Re: SRX210 problem with connect ADSL modem via Cisco2950



If you're Cisco is configured as a trunk port, you may need to configure your side as trunk, permit the appropriate vlan, and built-out the L3 interface.  Here is an example that should work.  This assumes you're running 802.1q.


srx1# show interfaces fe-0/0/6 
unit 0 {
    family ethernet-switching {
        port-mode trunk;
        vlan {
            members v3;

srx1# show vlans                                                        
v3 {
    vlan-id 3;
    l3-interface vlan.3;

L3 Interface:
srx1# show interfaces vlan 
unit 3 {
    family inet {


John Judge

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Re: SRX210 problem with connect ADSL modem via Cisco2950

Problem will be in security zones.