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SRX220H to PowerConnect 6248 - VLAN information sharing

We have a SRX220H which we are connecting to two Dell Powerconect 6248s.


On our SRX220H:

ge-0/0/0 connects to our ISP

ge-0/0/6 and ge-0/0/7 connect to the Dell 6248s


      /           \

     /             \

    /               \

6248       6248


We are trying to setup the sharing of VLAN information across all equipment in this setup.


In a Cisco environment, we would use VTP.  We have had a look at GVRP, which the SRX and two Dells support, but it doesn't seem to do the same thing as what VTP would do, as it only prunes inactive VLANs on trunks.


Is there any possibility of propagating VLAN databases from one switch to another using this setup at all, without setting up VLANs separately on all the equipment (a VTP-like setup)?


Thanks in advance

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Re: SRX220H to PowerConnect 6248 - VLAN information sharing

vlan trunking protocol is cisco's proprietary protocol (on catos/ios), not supported yet by juniper products. Juniper GVRP though support some sort of dynamic vlan registeration but not an alternate to vtp functionalities like central management ... Smiley Sad




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