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SSG-550M running Junos VS an SRX

Hi Guys,


   I know how the SSG-550M series can be loading with Junos.  At the end of the day whats the difference between an SSG-550M running Junos and an SRX device.  UTM features aside.


Is there any known issues or performance looses with doing this?




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Re: SSG-550M running Junos VS an SRX

Not really. The main difference you'll see if that the J-series boxes are single-core processors while SRX branch products are multi-core. Since the J's and SRX's are processor-based boxes rather than ASIC-based (processor-based gives lower performance than ASICS, but with much greater flexibility and at lower cost), you'll notice that the J-series will max out much faster than SRX; if you're not pushing the box to its limits, then they'll behave mostly the same.

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