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Surf Control Integrated cateories

Is there a place to lookup the categorization of a web site to see which category it is in.


I tried implementing the web filtering part of the UTM and it blocked a whole bunch of stuff including our own web site.  The old Surf Control "test a Site" (, also blocked, listed our site as "Business".  That category wasn't one in the "list" of categories.  I really, really dont want to have to build my own white list for "business" sites.


What am I missing?

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Re: Surf Control Integrated cateories

I stumbled across this website, which is more in-tune with the categories the SRX uses:

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Re: Surf Control Integrated cateories


Cute feature. is listed as Personals_Dating (where most of facebook's content actually is) is listed as Usenet_News


Category failure.....