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Who can help with Shrewsoft vpn setting?

Hi all,


I’m having problem with my VPN connection (SRX 240 with shrew soft client)…


I’m sure that my VPN configuration on SRX is running well because I’ve tested with Juniper Access Manager.

However, I’m trying to connect the VPN by using shrew soft. It show me the status that I success connected and I can browse internet as usual. But I can’t ping/access to the protected network (internal network).


Can anybody help on this? Please have a look the attached file. Thx.

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Re: Who can help with Shrewsoft vpn setting?

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Your vpn configuration is fine when it comes to Dynamic-vpn, although if you want to go with shrew soft you should use a standard client-vpn configuration. You should basically remove the dynamic-vpn stanza.

That one should work.


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Re: Who can help with Shrewsoft vpn setting?

Hi Adam,


Thx for your advice.


The reason that I configure as Dynamic-vpn is because office don’t have an internet static IP address. To configure as a standard client-vpn we need to have internet static IP address ready, right?

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Re: Who can help with Shrewsoft vpn setting?

Dynamic VPN is a licensed feature (you would need to buy client licenses) and I believe isn't interoperable with non-Juniper client software.


Shrew is a "standard" IPSec client, so from the perspective of your SRX it's just another IPSec tunnel.


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