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persistant nat on SRX?



can anybody explain to me what this commands do?


edit security nat source rule-set a rule a then source-nat pool persistent-nat permit]

set any-remote-host -or-

set  target-host -or-

set target-host-port


Where is the differnce, what does it do?


Thank you



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Posts: 39
Registered: ‎05-27-2008

Re: persistant nat on SRX?

I think I dont get it.


so, does it mean that you can establish connection from external to internal to my NATed IP-Address? sounds a bit like static NAT for me....can anybody show me an example when to use this kind of nat?


Thank you very much.

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Re: persistant nat on SRX?

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Hi entrada ,

It is not like static nat

Enabling persistent nat   ensures that the Assigned source ip from the pool will remain the Same

Some applications  require connecting  user to have the same source ip  even if it has multiple connections


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Re: persistant nat on SRX?

I think persistent nat is similar to static nat, and you are referring to source nat with "address-persistent."  I myself am thinking persistent nat any remote host is just about the same as static nat..  ONly difference is source nat can be matched to a specific context.