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readdressing the network

our survice provider is readdressing our the IP subnet assigned to us. to will take some time to readdress all of our servers. on the NS/SSG production that have MIP as a way of one to one NAT translation. I have used this the in the pasted and it has worked will on other project.



Now I am looking for a similar method on the SRX, can someone provide guidance or example configurations?



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Re: readdressing the network

Hi Frank,


The srx has candidate configurations, so you can make all of your changes well in advance, then just commit them at the time.

You can use the 'rename' command to swap the old IPs for the new in the config.



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Re: readdressing the network

In addition a static NAT has the same one-to-one functionality that you're discussing.



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Re: readdressing the network

There are many ways you can export the config, find replace then  load it via the CLI (load command), or webui. Then use the special commit commands (commit check) to validate, and (commit confirmed) to activate the config but with automatic roll back if it doesn't work after x min.