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srx 240 switch capablities

Hi everyone,


I am going to be implementing a firewall behind a few servers located in a datacenter. As of right now no firewall is in place :smileytongue:


I only have 12 servers to network would putting a SRX240 be ideal for this situation? or should I put a dedicated switch in including an SRX240?


What do you guys think?





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Re: srx 240 switch capabilities

Hi Groque,


I am quite impressed with the L2 switching capabilities of the srx but personally, i wont recommend you to use the interfaces in ethernet switching for 12 ports. The srx is a firewall and it is best utilized with L3 feautres.






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Re: srx 240 switch capabilities

If your needs are limited to basic L2 switching on trusted networks the SRX switching chip is quite capable.  The branch series uses it as the framework underpinning all network communication on the boxes regardless of whether you're performing L2 or L3 functions.  And if you're using ethernet-switching all traffic is switched at wire speed, which reduces the load on the CPU.



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Re: srx 240 switch capablities

I think you should place the box in between the servers and switches.


Well, any suggestions?

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