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Re: 6.5R1 Code - Any Issues in Production Yet?

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We had a small group of users test Network Connect 6.5 and 2 people said they were prompted to reboot their PC after NC installed. Then were asked to reboot again after rebooting the 1st time. I have never seen any reboot requirements before with NC. Has anyone else? We do not have GINA or TOS Bit enabled.


Also there is a new prompt that comes up asking you if you want to run the file neoNCSetup.exe. You can choose Always, Yes, or No. Not sure why Juniper added this. Seems to just confuse the end user even more.

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Re: 6.5R1 Code - Any Issues in Production Yet?

We had a similar issue regarding some machines needing a reboot after installing the 6.5R1 Network Connect client.  It appeared that if the machine had a previous of Network Connect, a reboot wasn't required.

This was a big enough issue for our area that was rolling out the client that I opened a case with Juniper.  For our specific case, it appeared to be related to leaving on our current/old IPSEC client.  If we removed the old IPSEC client and did a fresh install (no previous versions) of Network Connect, then it wouldn't request the reboot.

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Re: 6.5R1 Code - Any Issues in Production Yet?

We've been running 6.5R1 for the past two weeks on a cluster of SA4000s and we've had quite a few client issues;


Norton 360  + WSAM = BSOD

Symantec Antivirus + WSAM = intermitent local DNS/WINS/NetBIOS name resoultion issues

ZoneAlarm + WSAM = No worky


Supposedly these issues are being addressed in 6.5R2 which is scheduled for release in November 2009. A workaround to these problems is to use JSAM or NC which appear to work fine in all of the above scenarios.



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