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Does IVE support google gears technology?



I'd like to know if it is possible to use an IVE to access Web application that use Google gears.

Google gears allows a client to work onlie and offline. (as the Google Agenda)

The idea is that the client works through the IVE to access the application. Then the client disconnects and works on a form that was previously synchronized, and then reconnects to the IVE and push its new data to the application server.


Thank you


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Re: Does IVE support google gears technology?

I would not expect so through the core rewriter. The reason for this is the offline/stored client components. But it is possible that the non-client-side items would work. My guess is that the technology uses direct/hard-coded connections and/or server-initiated components. But I don't know for sure; have you run the query through your account team to see if they know?


Is there a site that is publicly available that uses this for testing/checking?

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