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How is the MAC address assigned with Network Connect?



We use JSA SSL and our users connect to our network resources using Network Connect. We are running some instant messaging software which relies on a combination of IP subnet and MAC address to determine the location of the user, so it automatically changes to display London Office when in London, Manchester Office when in Manchester. The problem is that when people connect through Network Connect, it displays the location as Unknown, because it has a dynamically assigned MAC address on the Juniper Virtual NIC. This means that each time they re-connect they have to change the location from Unknown to Working From Home.


Is there any way of either, (a) hard-coding these MAC addresses so that a particular user always gets the same MAC address, or (b) Getting a list of the MAC addresses which the SSL box holds and may assign, so that we can add them all to the IM app to recognise these, whichever they get assigned?





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Re: How is the MAC address assigned with Network Connect?

It would be good to confirm this, but I'd imagine it creates a static arp entry for each user based on it's own a firewall does in a static NAT scenario.
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