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JSAM - CSApplet.class - Ubuntu 9.10 32 bit Sun Java 1.6

Juniper Access 2000 6.3R2 - Linux FireFox 3.5.3


We give non-windows clients terminal server access via the JSAM tunnel workaround.   It worked on Ubuntu 9.04 which had Java jre 1.5


With the new 9.10 Ubuntu Karmic Koala comes Java 1.6 jre.    When the user starts the jsam applet it stalls without ever connecting.   The java debug console shows it cannot find "CSApplet.class"


basic: load: class CSApplet.class not found.
load: class CSApplet.class not found.
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: CSApplet.class


Possibly related:

Caused by: Illegal character in URL


Who knows in which .jar this CSApplet.class is hiding, is this something that should be on the Linux machine, or something delivered from the Juniper Access server?




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