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Re: Network connect and Proxy

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I haven't seen an issue like you describe with NC before. I would test with another proxy if possible (squid would be a good test).


Next you can enable client side logging on the IVE for Network Connect, start a policy trace for the user, and do a wireshark on the PC for both the Juniper virtual adapter as well as the physical adapter, start a http watch as well in IE to record the login and web session, start a TCPDump on the IVE then try again. Take a look at the debuglog.log and see if you can find any errors. If nothing stands out then you can take these logs and open a JTAC case.


Also please note that NC will only work with HTTP proxys (such as squid), not socks or any other type. Also make sure you are using IE or Firefox for your browser.

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Re: Network connect and Proxy

Hi to all,


The problem was, that my proxy denies the traffic for the new ip's assigned from the ive. When i connect to the ive, i assign an IP to the virtual security interface of the client.



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