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One of my clients is getting error

Hello gurus, I´m using v6.R3


 One of the Vista users who connects keeps on receiving error.  Is there an easy way to troubleshoot this..? I saw that there is an KB article on this.. however.. We have stopped Firewall, Windows Defender and uninstalled Cisco VPN on the client side,  however.. problem still persists... From the log.. I see that he can send packets but does not receive any.  ( it only happens to one user).


2008/02/16 09:54:23.733 dsNetworkConnect: t1290 "DebugId" 'CDsStatusDlg' [Debug] CDsStatusDlg: bytes sent = 10381, recvd = 0
2008/02/16 09:54:23.733 dsNetworkConnect: t1290 "DebugId" 'CDsStatusDlg' [Debug] CDsStatusDlg: encryption : SSL, compression : Deflate
2008/02/16 09:54:23.733 dsNetworkConnect: t1290 "DebugId" 'NCStatusDlg' [Debug] NCStatusDlg: IVE tunnel connection is disrupted.
2008/02/16 09:54:23.733 dsNetworkConnect: t1290 "DebugId" 'NCStatusDlg' [Debug] NCStatusDlg: OnUser.
2008/02/16 09:54:23.733 dsNetworkConnect: t1290 "DebugId" 'dsncuiapi' [Debug] dsncuiapi: DsNcUiApi:Smiley TonguerocessGetInfoReply
2008/02/16 09:54:23.733 dsNetworkConnect: t1290 "DebugId" 'NCStatusDlg' [Debug] NCStatusDlg: onGetInfo()


(this repeats several times)


Thanks for all the help...



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Re: One of my clients is getting error


What is the output of


telnet <your-ive-ip> 443


Maybe try to deinstall NC unter Start...Programms..Juniper Networks...Network Connect.

Maybe you have to do the uninstall twice to see an effect.

When user connects again and install NC.

What about java runtime environment on that pc?

Try also a policy trace on your ive with troubleshooting...policy trace to see what is the outcome.

Maybe that user does not get an IP in the tunnel? Check DHCP Pool / Rolemapping for that user.


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Re: One of my clients is getting error

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Verify the machine isnt running Bonjour, a component of iTunes and various adobe products (photoshop, etc), or a Cisco VPN client. These can conflict and cause this error.
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Re: One of my clients is getting error

Does the user ever get connected successfully?  Or do they always get the 23792 error when launching NC?

Also, how long does it take from the time they actually start Network Connect for the error to pop-up.  Is it immediate?  Or does it take 20 seconds or so for the 23792 error to pop-up after NC appears to be attempting to establish the connection?

Does the user get assigned the same role that other users are able to successfully connect with NC from?

If so, you may want to set up a brand new test role with NC configured on it and map this user to this new role and configure a new NC resource policy and NC connection profile that is separate from other users to test whether or not it is a configuration issue or possible corruption in the role.  If the user is able to connect with a different role then you may want to recreate the role for everyone.

If you find that the user still gets the 23792 error after performing the above test then it might be a good idea to check the machine configuration against a Vista machine that works to see if you can detect anything obviously different.

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Re: One of my clients is getting error

I am in the process of opening a JTAC ticket on this error.  I have noticed it mainly on Vista machines but has also occurred on a couple of XP machines.  So far, it looks like a Network Connect problem.  I have Network Connect to use ESP (UDP 4500) with NCP (SSL) fallback after 15 seconds.  When the machine connects with ESP, everything works fine.  When the machine falls back to NCP (SSL Deflate) things go terribly wrong.  On average, the user is disconnected within 30 seconds.  I am running 6.0R3.1 and have virtual ports configured.  I have read some issues with the virtual port which may not be helping the situation.  Let me know if you folk have these symptoms.
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Re: One of my clients is getting error

Bonjour modifies the route table after Network Connect launches.  You will need to use the "allow access to local subnet" or "enable split tunneling" options in the user role.



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Re: One of my clients is getting error


has anyone had any resolution to this issue? I am experiencing exactly the same sort of symptoms in that I connect for up to 30 odd seconds and then get disconnected. I have noticed this only on Windows Vista SP1, not on any other machines. 

I don't have bonjour installed, it happens on a FRESH install of Vista SP1, with no 3rd party apps at all. 

What I HAVE noticed is that this ONLY happens when I use my wireless network card, not when wired in - very odd and I cannot find any useful info to try and diagnose. 

Any help appreciated.

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Re: One of my clients is getting error

it depends on your wireless card.  see this solution for Verizon VZAccess cards.



If you search the SSLVPN forum, you'll find a solution I posted for the ATT Communcation Manager as well.

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