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Performance hit after an upgrade from 6.4r3 to 6.5r3.1

Following an upgrade to a DEV cluster (SA2000) test users are reporting that the user experience is slow compared to the old version of code.  Areas affected:


- time taken to redirect to a custom portal instead of displaying the Juniper bookmarks page

- responsiveness of the Juniper RDP client

- overall performance of hosted Java applet for Citrix connections

- time taken to build up SVW for untrusted users


Have any of you noticed anything similar?  6.5r4 release notes imply some Web SSO and Java code signing improvements although the logs do not suggest that there is a problem in these areas.



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Re: Performance hit after an upgrade from 6.4r3 to 6.5r3.1



Our customer is experiencing a similar problem.


Performance degrade in citrix applictions hosted via SSLVPN Web profiles (ica/jica method). Current release is 6.5r3.1


Do you have any recommendations in solving the issue? How did you solve the problem at your end?


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