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Pulse - disconnects session when logging into SA portal

Good day,


We would like to use the SA portal as the primary point for remote users to go to OWA, sharepoint, terminal services, etc.


The problem is that after Pulse is installed, the application launches on computer start up and users connect the Pulse VPN. Then, when they go to the Portal, the SA disconnects their current VPN session when they log into the portal to access OWA.


If we resume the current session when logging into the portal, it disconnects the Pulse VPN.


Should we disable the Pulse client from starting up with Windows via GPO, or is it possible to use the same session on the SA website after the Pulse session is connect?


Thank you


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Re: Pulse - disconnects session when logging into SA portal

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one of two things, once pulse is open, DO NOT login to the SSLVPN again, simply open your browser and type your portals address and everything will respond as if your on your own network., there should also be no need to login to juniper to access your webmail, should work.


OR, set pulse to manual connect, (defeating its purpose) login to your portal, click away at your bookmarks.

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