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SSO Backend Webservice problem

We have a webapplication wtith Keberos. The SSO si working but the application/the user see data of antoher sebservice on another service. The user alsways get a blank secreen. I have created a bookmark for the backen web application, when I click first on this bookmark and afterwards go to the fron end application I can see all data. It seems that I need a kerb ticket first but this is not very userfriendly. What can I do here?

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Re: SSO Backend Webservice problem

is that you have two links are what is the setup


If you have two links and configured sso for one link configure sso fro the other link as well.


If this is not the case could you please elobarate the setup?

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Re: SSO Backend Webservice problem

Yes, you need a kerberos ticket if you are using Kerberos on the backend. You need to configure it using the options at Users>Resource Policies>Web>SSO>general (and then Basic/ntlm/Kerberos).

Please use the following as a guide for making this work:
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