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Re: Application using DCOM

Hi Ante,


Do you know which packet (source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port) is dropped?


 From the debug I can see that both addresses and act as MSRPC servers since they both have communication from port 135. 


Traffic from as a client to as a server seems to pass OK as there are no dropps in the debugs.


The problem with this debug is that it does not catch traffic from to since is behind a VPN.  To catch also this communication flow filter needs to be extended it include all VPN communication. As it is not good to have all this info in a public forum maybe you can send me a PM or even better open a JTAC case.


But first please let me know which traffic is dropped?





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Re: Application using DCOM



The traffic that is blocked comes from, and the source ports are different each time I start the application.

Every time I run the application it tries to open three different ports, but it´s not the same three ports every time.

The destination port is different every time I run the application, but it´s always just one destination port every time the application is run.

Don´t know if this was a good explanation so to sum it up: every time the application is run there is three different source ports blocked and they all have the same destination port. The ports are all TCP.

JTAC case is opened.



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