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Command "set ike soft-lifetime-buffer XX"



I need to remove the command "set ike soft-lifetime-buffer XX". I try with:


  • unset ike soft-lifetime-bufer
  • unset soft-lifetime-bufer
  • unset soft-lifetime


But I couldn't erase this command.

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Re: Command "set ike soft-lifetime-buffer XX"

try set ike soft-lifetime-buffer 0
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Re: Command "set ike soft-lifetime-buffer XX"

I don't think you can unset that configuration once you have entered it. It generally does not show up as it is part of the default configuration. (Default setting is 60s) I tried this setting as well but it still is showing in the configuration.


Is there a specific reason why you want to unset this? Because it causing conflict in NSRP or NSM config maybe?

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