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Having an issue with RSA SecurID Auth

I am trying to authenticate admin users using an RSA SecurID server. I have configured the server on the firewall itself, and configured teh login procedure to use the RSA server, however when I try to authenticate I get the error:


"Admin user User1 has been rejected via the SecurID server at" (User1 can authenticate to other things using our RSA server)


set auth-server "rsa" id 2
set auth-server "rsa" server-name "x.x.x.x"
set auth-server "rsa" account-type admin
set auth-server "rsa" type securid
set auth-server "rsa" securid encr 0

set auth-server "rsa" src-interface "vlan1" (this is a Layer 2 firewall set up, but I have also tried leaving src-interface blank)

set admin auth server "rsa"

set admin auth remote primary

set admin privilege read-write


This is a testing box, so my policies are ALLOW: ALL for all the zones.

Anyone run into this before?



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Re: Having an issue with RSA SecurID Auth



It's been a while since I've configured RSA, but I recall needing a Host Agent which matches the IP of the ScreenOS box.  Has that been setup?

John Judge

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Re: Having an issue with RSA SecurID Auth

IIRC the bit means that the agent host is not setup on RSA and it may also mean that the node_secret is off.


Attached is a Word export of a write-up we have on our internal network wiki based on a project that we did with SSG, RSA, and Netscreen-Remote.


PDF export was doing some weird stuff to the formatting so I had to stick with MS Word



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