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ISG 1000 vsys vip not working

Hi guys,


I have an ISG 1000 running v. 6.1.0r2 which I need to get some VIP's working on it.


We have 3 vsys firewalls configured and connected to a new Virtual Router with a new Untrust Zone


When I try setting up a VIP I get an error message.


GUI : Vsys > Enter > Network > Interfaces > Edit > VIP > "Same as the interface IP address" 

Error :  set interface ethernet2/2.3:1 vip x.x.x.x

            unknown keyword vip


Any advice would be gratefully received


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Re: ISG 1000 vsys vip not working



I found this KB for you:


Basically it states:

The NetScreen 1000 only supports Virtual IP (VIP) on the Root Virtual System (VSYS). Mapped IP (MIP) can be used on VSYS instead of VIPs for inbound connections when Network Address Translation (NAT) is being used.




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