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Mixing different product models in NSRP deployments



I could properly setup an NSRP deployment (A/P) using one SSG-320 and one SSG-320-M device.

However, I am trying to add both cluster nodes in NSM console (2007.3r4), but it is not possible

as they are considered to be different product models....


Please, is there a way to avoid this limitation?



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Re: Mixing different product models in NSRP deployments



normaly both devices must be the same platform. so no there isn't a supported way.


i know that at lower screenos versions he didn't see the diference between the 320 and 320 M.


btw: i didn't know there where 320 instead of 320-M!! isn't that only with 520/550?


so only thing i see has a problem is that, on one of the appliances you have a older version of screenos running and this is telling nsm that it is 320. newer version tells nsm its a 320M. and in nsm the cluster version is 320 not?



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Re: Mixing different product models in NSRP deployments

Hi Frac,


It's not the same hardware, but surely that is your best solution:
(Replace 550 per 320)


There is a work around available.

Edit the files

Search for the keyword 550M

: ("SSG(-?)550M"
                Smiley Tonguelatform (SSG550M)  -------> change this value to SSG550
                Smiley Tongueroduct_family (ns)
                :basemodel (SSG)
                :model (SSG550)

Change the platform from SSG550M to SSG550, restart the dev and gui server And do the same change on NSM client system

Eg - C:\Program Files\NSM\2007 2r1\dm\0-day\firmware Change the value of platform (SSG550M) to platform (SSG550)

Now you should be able to add the devices in the same cluster.

Limitation - The device 550M will be shown as 550 in the NSM



Josep A. Ruiz