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Netscreen 5GT - Two break within a week....



I've lost two Netscreen 5GT's within a week both with the exact same problem.


The power light remains on, but the Status light goes amber for a 1 second, turns green briefly then goes off....then it will do it again.  All the link and 10/100 lights flash once together, then one flash of all the link lights.


Can't reset it using the pin hole.


Plugged console in and it simply shows


NetScreen NS-5GT-ADSL Boot Loader Version 3.0.0 (Checksum: 5D9E317F)
Copyright (c) 1997-2004 NetScreen Technologies, Inc.

Total physical memory: 128MB
    Test - Pass
    Initialization -



And then reboots and shows the same.....


I'm working on the assumption it's completely ruined....just can't believe two have gone like this from two completely different locations!


Not good, as getting replacements is near impossible these days


Any suggestions welcome Smiley Happy





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Re: Netscreen 5GT - Two break within a week....

Do you still have the faulty device with you? If you do, can you try to interrup the boot sequence to see if you can reload the firmware?
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Re: Netscreen 5GT - Two break within a week....

Thanks for the reply


I do...though is there a special key combination I need to press during the boot sequence to interrupt it?  As I've tried numerous things but it seems to have no effect....

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Re: Netscreen 5GT - Two break within a week....

You should see the message to "hit any key to run loader" occur right after the memory test. Just rebooted an old 5GT to confirm.
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