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Netscreen URL Filtering vs Websense Filtering



We've been using Websense URL filtering for the longest time and have been generally happy with it. Only drawback is the high licensing costs. My question is URL filtering subscription in ScreenOS a viable alternative to a full Websense implementation? One thing I like about Websense are the reports. 



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Re: Netscreen URL Filtering vs Websense Filtering



It has been a little while since I have used the URL filtering but problems i had with it was the lack of reporting and not being able to do filtering based on AD. It works well if you are looking to apply some web filtering where you might not have had some before, but you will probably miss some of the features you are used to. (as i say it might have changed a bit since I used it last).


If you are looking for an alternative to Websense that is a lot cheaper and has more features than Websense then have a look at WebMarshal


I am seeing a lot of customers swapping out Websense for this because of price and they are getting more for their money.