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Newbie to ffilter and snoop

Can you use wildcards in ffilter and snoop. ie can I run snoop and pipe to include traffic from a  specific subnet, not a specific address?


many thanks

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Re: Newbie to ffilter and snoop

Hi Tob


i don't think you can use wildcards with snoop^filter and ffilter, i know we can use  snoop filter with opetion src & dst ip , tcp , interface ...etc try CLI command 

# snoop filter ?


 or with ffilter try CLI command 

# ffilter ? 


and after that you can "debug flow basic" or try also  ? different option .


if you need more help 



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Re: Newbie to ffilter and snoop



This is a pretty comprehensive guide for debugging from Andy :


And no, we cant wild-card for the filters

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