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Remote auth Server question

I have a SSG-520M setup to use RADIUS for admin auth.

Remote Server Settings is configured for the remote Auth server to have priority, and fallback to permit root and non-root.

Accept remotely authenticated ROOT privileged admins is not checked.


We just realized that whoever setup the firewall initially, left the default root account alone. It's still netscreen/netscreen.


Question is how can I change the default root account name and password, if I can't login with that account while RADIUS is functional?


I'd prefer a non-impacting approach to this, if possible.



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Re: Remote auth Server question



Have you tried console? Another way might be one I have used with switches: Close the firewall rule which accepts the switch to query RADIUS-server and then it will fallback for local and you can login with local account. This of course only works if you have local userbase as fallback.

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