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Retrieving a pre-share key

Our company is combining two data centers into one at a new location. We will also be using a different SSG-520 that is already there to separate production from non-production.

I need to reestablish several VPN tunnels.

The other side of the tunnel does not need to be changed.

Our external IP address is not changing. Is there a way to retrieve the pre-share key in plain text?
If not, what we be there preferred way to re-establish the tunnel?

Or am I stuck rebuilding these tunnels?



Thank you!

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Re: Retrieving a pre-share key

You cannot decrypt to clear text.


But you can take the encrypted lines from your original configuration and use the import function to apply them to your new box.


Just pull all the vpn related configuration and save as a plain text file.

Go to Configuration -- Update -- Config file

Browse to the file

Choose the "Merge" option

Hit apply


This will create the same gateway and shared secret as in the original firewall.

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