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SSG 20- Startup Problem



One of my customer is using SSG20 with ADSL2+ card for adsl connectivity. He is facing some problems regarding the box working. 1st time, he was not able to login the SSG since SSG home page was not coming. Also 2nd time, suddenly all the internet traffic went down, he was not able to connect to any of the websites and also not able to login the box. Please suggest how to rectify the problem.

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Re: SSG 20- Startup Problem

hello Abhi,


for the first problem, you will need to check the default gateway for your ip address in the PC, if dynamic, configure it as static >>>>>>Default gateway. 

go to the web and enter this >>>>>> if you redirect http to https.


For the second problem I think it is a DNS Problem.

try the above and let me know how it goes.




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Re: SSG 20- Startup Problem

Just curious.  What version of ScreenOS are you running.   The second scenario sounds similar to an issue that used to happen with ScreenOS 6.0.0r4 and 6.0.0r5 and the SSG20.  The SSG20 would stop communicating and was unmanageable from the outside.  The only way to access the device was through the console.  The only way to restore connectivity was to power cycle the box.  ScreenOS 6.0.0r6 fixed this issue.  The recommended version of code according to the support download site for an SSG20 is the current version of the ScreenOS 6.2 code train.  This would be 6.2.0r4 as of today ( 11/22/09 ). 


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