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SSG140 with 16 port ethernet module


We have purchased some SSG140s along with the 16 port copper module. The intent is to create a bridged interface, and place interfaces from the module into that bridge group.


However, there appears to be an issue in that we can only assign the built in ports into a bridge group. Ports eth4/0 thru 15 are not valid.


myfw-> set interface bgroup0/0 port ?

ethernet0/3 ethernet0/3 interface

ethernet0/4 ethernet0/4 interface

ethernet0/5 ethernet0/5 interface

ethernet0/6 ethernet0/6 interface

ethernet0/7 ethernet0/7 interface

ethernet0/9 ethernet0/9 interface


I've attempted this with both screenos 6.0x and 6.1 witrhy the same result.


Any thoughts?




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Re: SSG140 with 16 port ethernet module

Hi Greedo,


Bridge groups are supported only on uPIMs in the SSG. Check if there are such informations on the  backside of the device.

I thought that the 4 slots were PIM/uPIM compatible but perhaps there are not ....


Also you must run ScreenOS 6.0 or greater.





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Re: SSG140 with 16 port ethernet module

I've found a solution to this -

Using the CLI you can use 'bgroup 4 0'. After that, you'll have the bgroup4/0 interface available. From there you can add interfaces on the uPIM as required.


There is no way to combine ports from different uPIMs, or combine them with the internal ports.



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