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VPN Traffic Shaping and queueing - SSG5 and NS5GT



I was wondering if someone knew how the traffic shaping and queueing works in screenos 5.4+, specifically how it would work in this scenario would be great.


Site A has 640Kbps max transmit(Upload bwidth) the site is connected to a head end Firewall through Routing based VPN, a default route. All traffic will be put through the vpn. When the site has close to 450Kbps of upload traffic the latency becomes very high.


I would like to prioritize any traffic to our private subnets over any other destination through the vpn. I don't know if there is something similar to priority queueing ala Cisco IOS, where all traffic to that subnet will be queued and transmitted first when this traffic is identified?


So basically I would like to shape the transmit traffic to 640Kbps or slighltly under and prioritize the business traffic? If you have any comments or suggestions or kb's with good explanations that would be great.


Thank you in advance.


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Re: VPN Traffic Shaping and queueing - SSG5 and NS5GT



Have a look at the following thread.