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More on Ransomware

by Juniper Employee ‎05-20-2016 05:10 PM - edited ‎05-23-2016 04:06 PM


2016 is shaping up to be the year of ransomware. In addition to Locky, we’ve seen TeslaCrypt, 7ev3n, 7ev3n-HONE$T, a failed Locky clone, Petya, Rokku, Jigsaw, and many more. Hospitals and medical centers have been hit by ransomware, including the SamSam variant that targets vulnerable JBoss servers. In this post, we’ll look at some recent ransomware samples and how Sky ATP handles these threats.


“Indistinguishability Obfuscation” And Malware Detection

by Juniper Employee ‎05-20-2016 12:24 AM - edited ‎05-20-2016 12:25 AM



Recent breakthroughs in cryptography, widely reported on in the media showed that it is possible to reassemble any given program into a mathematical jigsaw puzzle so complicated that, although it functions identically to the original, divining its purpose without running it is effectively impossible. We’ll look at the security implications of these findings.


Static analysis methods and signature-based detection in particular has been the bread and butter strategy for malware detection, because it allows for quick and painless detection and virus identification. Let's talk about how signature-based detection works.



Making FinFisher Spyware Undetectable

by Juniper Employee ‎05-17-2016 09:46 AM - edited ‎05-17-2016 10:29 AM

Governments use malware to spy on journalists.  In this article we will show how to make one such malware undetectable by antivirus programs.


May 2016 Microsoft Patch Tuesday Summary

by Juniper Employee ‎05-10-2016 08:26 PM - edited ‎05-10-2016 08:29 PM

Welcome to the May edition of Microsoft Patch Tuesday Summary. In this edition there are 15 updates; 7 are marked "Critical" and 8 are rated "Important".  A total of 36 CVE's (Common Vulnerability and Exposure) were fixed over 15 bulletins this month. One of the Critical update MS16-051 is an Internet Explorer (IE 9 to 11) patch. This single update resolves 5 CVE's (Common Vulnerability and Exposure).


We often speak of the Internet of Things as if it was one thing.  It is, of course, not.  It is arguably one of the most diverse spaces that technology has yet created.  There are many standards and technologies addressing the challenges of this new space.


Software Defined Secure Networks (SDSN): Why do we need them?

by Juniper Employee ‎04-29-2016 05:11 PM - edited ‎05-09-2016 09:22 PM

At this year’s RSA event Juniper announced, “software defined secure networks” (SDSN). It has been the topic of discussion with customers and partners to make them think of security in a completely different way. This blog focuses on a new way of deploying security across the entire organization and cloud assets.




Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention vs. Locky Malware

by Juniper Employee ‎04-14-2016 02:00 PM - edited ‎04-15-2016 01:24 PM

“Locky” is a new strain of ransomware malware that emerged on February 16th of this year. Ransomware is a type of malware that infects a computer and blocks access to the computer or files on the computer in some way. The most common ransomware technique is encrypting documents and other important files so the content of the files is inaccessible until a ransom is paid, typically using Bitcoin as the method of payment. With Locky, the payoff was 0.5 or 1 BTC for most people (about $200 to $400 USD).


The “Locky” name was given to this malware because it renames all of those encrypted files with a “.locky” extension.



Guy bought a new refrigerator; a smart one.  In addition to keeping the milk from going bad, it tracks inventory, the habits of the household, and reports this data back to its home base.  Of course, this is not the only Internet connected device Guy’s household owns; thermostats, security cameras, motion detectors, light controls, locks, and on and on.  When Guy sells his house, he will go around decommissioning all these devices; disabling, reconfiguring, dismembering them.  But then, how is the new owner going to get into the house and turn on the lights?  It is a new world. 



You’d never mistake most network management applications for the next Facebook or Pinterest as they typically lag well behind consumer-facing websites in terms of an end-user experience.   But the consumerization of the enterprise has dramatically changed user expectations, and network management applications are having to step up to meet them.




At Juniper, we believe that a successful digital transformation requires a shift – moving away from traditional network security to a strategy of securing the network. Network security as recognized today is reactive, siloed and utilizes a block and tackle approach to deal with known threats. Securing the network, instead, entails being adaptable and improving the accuracy of preventing or stopping threats. Reacting and remediating identified threats is not enough for us – we want our customers to know who the bad guys are and identify them quicker, and stop them faster!


With today’s rapidly changing threat landscape and sophistication of hackers, businesses and their leaders are investing more money in security but the attackers are still winning. At RSA 2016, Vice President of Cloud, Enterprise and Security Portfolio Marketing, Jennifer Blatnik, will take the stage to discuss these harsh realities and unveil Juniper’s solution to the conflict.


Riding the Innovation Cycle: Juniper Security Solutions for Today and the Future

by Juniper Employee ‎02-19-2016 09:51 AM - edited ‎02-19-2016 12:09 PM


There’s no denying it: there is a technology innovation cycle underway that is having a major impact on networking.  How is this impacting the buying behavior of carriers and CSPs?  Read this blog to learn more!


Let's Get Virtual

by Juniper Employee on ‎02-03-2016 02:49 PM

If your business is like most, embracing virtualization with the expectation of tremendous cost and agility savings, it's not alone.  Check out this vSRX infographic to see industry comparisons, analyst data, and how the vSRX stacks up against the competition.


The portfolio of Juniper Networks solutions certified for use by the US Department of Defense continues to expand and be updated.


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