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Beware of Snoopers!

by skathuria on ‎10-11-2012 01:07 PM




While working on my company-owned laptop and lunching at Panera Bread, I thought to myself, if I took a quick step away from my seat to refill a glass of water, might a stranger view my computer screen? Or worse, steal my laptop, which houses confidential company data? Since I frequent this particular restaurant and had no reason to believe either would happen, I didn’t make the effort to take my laptop with me while I fetched the H2O. Thankfully, I didn’t lose my laptop, but I’ll never know if someone peered at my screen.


Such a situation shouldn’t be taken lightly, and I thought a recent article by John Leyden offered some timely insight. John describes the potential danger of onlookers in public places viewing your computer screen and capturing information without your noticing. He re-publishes survey results from a “poll conducted by ComRes, for Secure, the European Association for Visual Data Security.”


John further shares, “ComRes discovered that 71 percent of employees have been able to see or read what someone is working on over their shoulder. Despite being aware of the potential problems that could arise from shoulder surfing, more than half… of the 2,000 workers quizzed said they do not take precautions to protect sensitive or private info from potential snoops – even when they work in high risk environments such as trains, planes or coffee shops.”


Astonished by some of the reported visual data security breaches referred to in this Secure white paper, I’ll be making some changes to avoid becoming a victim. I will insert a screen filter that blocks anyone from viewing my computer screen without being directly in front of the monitor, and I will use a screen saver that times out after a short period. Anti-malware and/or data encryption tools installed and activated on my laptop don’t prevent others from physically peering at computer screens.


The convenience of working from anywhere shouldn’t be taken for granted. Moreover, it is every employee’s responsibility to maintain confidentiality of company data. So if you haven’t taken preventative steps, don’t wait. Else, it may be too late.


Why hackers like Java?

by Juniper Employee on ‎10-11-2012 10:13 AM

Back in April of 2012, Juniper Security Research team did some analysis over several dozen exploit packs – commercial crimeware kits sold on the hacker black market – to see which software components were mostly targeted in the wild. Narrowing it down to the last two years, the biggest buckets we saw were Adobe Flash, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Java being the largest of the four, making about one third of the entire set. Since then, it didn’t get any better. Let's see what is so unique about Java that makes it a juicy target for attackers.


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