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By now, you may have heard the gut wrenching story of Mat Honan’s digital life gone awry…iPhone, iPad, and MacBook all wiped clean in an instant. Mat lost all his baby daughter’s photos with no backup.  His Amazon account compromised…AppleID account infiltrated…Twitter account trashed and used for spreading hateful language.  These treacherous events all happened within one short hour. Where does this nightmare end?  How did it happen all to one guy?  Is he the only guy?  The scary part is “no.”  He’s just one of many.  Luckily, he has the journalistic platform to share his pain with big business and with us.  Hopefully the likes of Amazon and Apple have learned from Mat’s ordeal.  This story is just one of many lessons as we live and learn in our digital lives.



I’m very pleased to report that both High End SRX and Branch SRX are now certified in the Firewall category of the Department of Defense Unified Capabilities Approved Product List. While many other Junos platforms have already been DoD certified, this is the first time Junos devices are certified for use by DOD in this category.


The High End SRX platforms include the SRX3400SRX3600SRX5600, and SRX5800.  These firewalls provide impressive 1GE and 10GE performance.


In addition, the branch SRX devices, or the SRX100-650, have attained another first.  According to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA),  “The SUT is certified in the following configurations: CER only, Data Firewall only, and combined CER/Data Firewall.” A CER is a Customer Edge Router.  This is very important in  that Juniper customers can now deploy a single SRX100-650 device as both a firewall and a CER. 


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