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Junos Pulse MSS - APAC Professional Services - Recommended Architecture

by Juniper Employee on ‎08-02-2012 09:31 PM

As Juniper continues to innovate, our professional services team is often “on point” with new or complex solutions – most recently, deployments of the Junos Pulse Managed Security Service (JPMSS) in service providers across the region. This service is not only technically fascinating, it offers advantages over “traditional” Mobile Device Management (MDM).

As Juniper offers JPMSS as a hosted service, we reference an existing architecture on deployments. So far in the region, these deployments have been virtualized, enabling a well-designed deployment to “grow on demand” without large infrastructure commitment (and importantly, the attached Capex).

Here’s the architecture now successfully adopted by a number of Asia Pacific service providers:





We recommend a phased approach, getting the service deployed in a Proof of Concept or limited fashion, whilst incorporating lessons from Juniper’s own hosted platform to later enable rapid enhancements in resilience, scalability and integration.

This has brought benefits for our customers around speed to market, staff training and integration. The phased approach lets our consultants and architects rapidly deploy the service, whilst working with customers to plan enhancements to it.

JPMSS is clearly an important managed service revenue opportunity for our customers and partners. And its rapid adoption into business use, driven by advancements in User Equipment, means there are opportunities and challenges ahead for everyone -- our customers, our customers’ customers and by extension, us. Watch this space!