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Please Put Your Tray Tables in Their Upright and Locked Positions

by Juniper Employee on ‎06-20-2017 04:42 AM

Have you ever been sitting in the window seat of a plane while flying through the clouds? Isn’t it the coolest feeling, watching the vapor whip by the window? Today’s networks need an infusion of that sense of soaring, giving users the notion of flying effortlessly through the clouds. As a component of the cloud-grade networking solution, we’re announcing the Juniper Networks® PTX10008 Packet Transport Router. The PTX10008 provides 3Tbps per slot and can have 240 100GbE interfaces in a single chassis. It enables service and cloud providers to build a core architecture that optimizes for MPLS Label Switch Router (LSR), Internet peering, backbone, and optical convergence applications and deployments.


The foundation of the PTX10008 is to scale efficiently. Its compact form factor conserves rack space and power, reducing the competition between storage and compute resources. To help operators manage their expanding infrastructure, Juniper has developed a telemetry interface called jVision to automate the network infrastructure. Telemetry data can be streamed from the PTX10008 to a collector, like Juniper Networks® NorthStar Controller, or other third-party applications for analysis. Network managers can look for predicative behavior and take corrective action to be proactive in improving the end-user experience.


The PTX10008 shares Juniper Networks routers’ DNA. It provides the same trusted Junos® capabilities that power some of the largest service provider and webscale companies today - providing the flexibility to add additional traffic engineering capabilities like those in the IETF’s Source Packet Routing in Networks (SPRING). SPRING, or segment routing, introduces the next generation of application driven network technology. The PTX10008, together with the Junos® Operating System, provides a powerful platform for operators to expand their network horizons. Like cruising along, whipping through the clouds. Check out the PTX10008 datasheet for more information.




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About the Author
  • Barry Burns is a Principal Engineer in the Router Business Unit Forwarding Software (PFE) group working. Responsible for the software architecture of the Class of Service (CoS) on the PTX platform. He joined Juniper in 2008 in the Silicon Development team in Raleih-Durham, NC. Prior to that he was with Cisco from 1995 and before that at IBM. He has over 35 years of hardware and software development experience.
  • Chang-Hong Wu is a Juniper Fellow in Silicon and Systems Engineering. With Juniper since 1998, he works with both internal teams and external suppliers to bring all innovations to Juniper's products. He also reaches out to customers to explain Juniper's architectural and technological advantages.
  • Jeff Libby is a Distinguished Engineer in Juniper's Silicon Development team. Jeff joined Juniper in 1999, and has worked on the design, verification and architecture of many Juniper chips. His current focus is on Trio architecture silicon.
  • David Song is a Sr Staff Engineer within Juniper's Optical Engineering team where he is responsible for the design of packet-optical solutions for routing and switching platforms. He joined Juniper in 2004 and has been designing networking software in control plane and data plane on various platforms. Prior to Juniper, he held various software development positions at Ciena and Nortel Networks.