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Adapting to Threat Management (Because Threats Won’t Adapt to You!)

by Juniper Employee on ‎04-06-2009 10:28 AM - last edited on ‎04-06-2009 10:41 AM by

With the economic downturn, today's enterprises are focused on cutting opex immediately, but are even more challenged with reducing vulnerability to threats while retaining choice and flexibility for the future.


Organized cyber-crime is up. Malicious attacks are on the rise. Threat levels related to identity theft and denial of service have spiked. The security environment in 2009 already looks to be nearly twice as dangerous as last year according to current research.  Businesses need deeper protection for their entire value chain and simply cannot risk their networks at a time when revenue is more important than ever.


Protection?  What if you could have far superior closed loop threat management and great ROI from a thought leading company like Juniper Networks?


-          Accelerated response & self service-oriented. Even saving just two minutes per incident across a 10,000-employee company can save millions.

-          Save more than 80% in both power consumption and rack space compared to competitive solutions.

-          Reduce network management costs related to threats by up to another 50% too.


That's the thinking behind Adaptive Threat Management Solutions, which Juniper announced this month to address our customers' deep concerns about these types of threats. It's dynamic, it's open, and it's the best defense yet against a sophisticated infrastructure attack. Everything about it is adaptable (even the deployment model, which is ‘pay-as-you-grow').


For the record, Juniper Networks Adaptive Threat Management Solutions is the industry's first open solution set to provide real-time threat defense with network-wide visibility and control at scale while slashing TCO. And unlike other providers that put old disparate technologies in new packages, we've integrated multiple new products to present a highly differentiated value proposition that's unmatched today:

  • New best-in-class Juniper Networks SRX3000 Series Services Gateways
  • A new release of Juniper's network access control (NAC) solution, Unified Access Control (UAC) 3.0;
  • New Secure Access (SA) SSL VPN 6.4 technology, with new standards-based interoperability functionality
  • New releases of Juniper Networks Security Threat Response Manager (STRM) 2008.3 and Network and Security Manager (NSM) 2008.2 with advanced network management, threat response and reporting.


This isn't merely about technology, it's about our customers' core business. Our goal, as always, is not just to slash the number of attacks that evade traditional point security products, but to have a visible impact on the bottom line. Our SRX Services Gateways dramatically drop energy and space requirements versus competition and our STRM and NSM can mean another 50 percent reduction in network management costs.


With the industry's only coordinated enterprise-wide access control offering via the UAC and SA SSL VPN, Juniper's Adaptive Threat Management Solutions help enterprises get employees online and productive.


Needing low-risk and high-productivity security seems like a no-brainer. Now customers don't have to compromise to get it.  I say you can demand more adaptive threat management from the industry.  Juniper Networks has heard your call and delivered.

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