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Bringing Big Data to Service Provider Networks

by Juniper Employee ‎05-21-2013 05:00 AM - edited ‎05-20-2013 08:26 AM

It’s no secret that service provider networks transport a lot of data, and it’s growing every day. What may not be immediately obvious is how much data service provider networks generate.  Every flow on the network, every customer, and every event—these are all data points, and important things for a network operator to understand. Just as a racecar driver needs to see what his engine is doing, and has gauges that show oil pressure, engine temperature and so on, service providers need similar insights to keep their networks running optimally.


But the challenge is that in a typical service provider network (unlike a racecar), the data that needs to be analyzed can really add up—global IP backbones can create over 20 billion records per day,  amounting to over 1 TB raw disk/day.  That means processing and analyzing that data, and then presenting insight in a timely fashion is no small feat. In fact until recently it was nearly impossible.


However with the Junos Network Analytics products announced today, we are enabling just that: by bringing big data technologies to network service providers, we are providing operators with insights not before possible. Insights into everything from how customers interact with the network, to how traffic trends affect different portions of their network—down to the link level—and delivered in near-real-time.


The key is a powerful analytics engine leverages a process first architecture that enables increased scale, timely access to information and deep insights and analysis. By bringing these fundamental principles of big data to service providers, we are enabling them to move beyond today’s reporting solutions which store a lot of data and then rely on operators to analyze it.


Instead we are providing streaming analytics that delivers a true “dashboard” into the network—much like a racecar. Here is an example:




How would customers use this information? Let’s look at the two sets of products we are delivering since each has different use cases.


  • BizReflex: Revenue Growth through Customer and Prospect Segmentation. BizReflex provides business decision makers at operators with deep insights into how enterprise customers and prospective customers, interact with the network. This allows the service provider to segment customers according to their respective value, and then price services accordingly—improving margins and customer retention. It also allows them to identify high-value prospects (customers of peers) to more efficiently target and acquire new customers.
  • NetReflex: Reduced Costs through More Efficient Network Planning. NetReflex gives operators more insight than previously possible into traffic patterns on their network, down to a link or interface level. This allows customers to reduce costs by improving the efficiency of their network. As an example, one NetReflex customer saved millions of dollars they were planning to use to add a new link by identifying available capacity elsewhere in the network and rerouting traffic accordingly.

In short, with these products we are giving operators increase visibility into their networks at both the business and the operational levels. These are powerful tools our customers can use to both grow revenue and reduce costs.





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