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Comcast Turns to Juniper Networks Junos Operating System for its New Metro Ethernet Service

by Juniper Employee on ‎06-21-2011 01:36 PM

Yesterday, Juniper Networks announced that Comcast’s new Metro Ethernet service is leveraging Juniper Networks’ routing and switching solutions, powered by Juniper’s single operating system, Junos. The Comcast service is being rolled out to more than 20 markets across the U.S., with plans to expand to additional areas in the months ahead.


Comcast is targeting mid-sized businesses for the service, or those businesses that typically have more complex networking requirements than a small business with less than 20 employees in a single location. Mid-sized businesses often run more bandwidth-intensive applications, including cloud computing, business continuity and disaster recovery across multiple locations, making ease of network management and high availability important factors when selecting a provider.


As Kevin O’Toole, Comcast Business Services senior vice president of product management and strategy said in the release today, “Juniper is helping us deliver a reliable and cost-effective metro data service for our mid-sized customers, so that they can better manage their businesses as applications and traffic needs continue to grow.”


We believe that the root of that reliability begins with our Junos operating system, which powers the Juniper Networks T Series Core Routers, MX Series Universal Edge Routers and the EX Series Ethernet Switches that are deployed in locations across Comcast’s 147,000 mile fiber-based IP network. With Junos as the common operating system across all three platforms, network performance, management, reliability, flexibility and scalability are improved, which enables Comcast to support its existing network requirements while also building in the headroom to accommodate the future requirements of its growing customer base.


In addition to the products mentioned above, Juniper has introduced DOCSIS support on the SRX Series Service Gateways, which is also powered by Junos. DOCSIS 3.0 has enabled MSOs to continue building their enterprise and SMB offerings by providing an increase in broadband Internet and enterprise bandwidth tiers. With the SRX solution, MSOs can now provide consistent Metro Ethernet and cell backhaul services across their HFC/DOCSIS and fiber access networks.


As network traffic continues to grow and as more business critical applications are placed on the network and in the cloud, the reliability and scalability of the network operating system becomes increasingly paramount. The Junos operating system, with its lower complexity and greater reliability, provides a growth path for improved business services and, ultimately, improved business profitability.


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