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Contrail and OpenContrail Support for VMware ESXi planned for Q1 2014

by aravichandran ‎10-29-2013 05:38 AM - edited ‎10-29-2013 08:27 AM

One of the things I love about working at Juniper is the rate of innovation and the fact that we consistently lead with a vision, and then back up that vision with exciting new products. Our recently released virtual SDN solutions, Contrail and Open Contrail, are a great example of this. Today’s MetaFabric announcement is yet another. For background, MetaFabric is Juniper’s vision for a simple, open and smart data center network. As proof points of that vision, we introduced several new products and features.

Contrail, which we launched last month, is a huge part of the MetaFabric architecture. Today, I am very excited to announce that Contrail will be supported on VMware’s ESXi hypervisor in Q1 2014. What that means is that customers can leverage Contrail’s best-in-class virtual networking capabilities regardless of which hypervisor they are running. We already announced support for open hypervisors KVM and XEN during our Contrail launch on Sept. 16th. Now we support the industry’s leading open source solutions as well as the leading commercial hypervisor with ESXi support coming in Q1 2014.

However while this is undoubtedly a positive, it also prompts questions. One of the questions I get asked most frequently is what is our strategy for supporting or interoperating with VMware’s virtual network solution—NSX. Many of you likely recall that Juniper announced support between our switching and routing portfolio and NSX.

Our position here is pretty clear. It’s all about customer choice and flexibility.

Some customers will desire a vertically integrated virtualization software solution (including hypervisor, orchestration, management, etc.) from one vendor. This is not where Juniper plays, so these customers are likely to pick a VMware-based solution. And for these customers, it’s important that the virtualization stack can talk to the physical network— these customers will get that now with our hardware integration with NSX.

On the other hand, many other customers will desire a more customized and open solution that is tailored to meet their unique needs. We believe that many of these customers think virtual networking should come from a company like Juniper that has a long history of solving the most challenging networking problems. We built Contrail to deliver unsurpassed advanced networking capabilities: simple integration with ANY physical network, an open approach, and the agility that comes with using proven networking protocols. It’s important that these customers can benefit from the Contrail advantage regardless of which open orchestration platform they have (OpenStack, Cloudstack) or which hypervisor stack they use (VMware ESXi, KVM , XEN).

Our customers can choose which strategy works best for them.

In short, we believe Contrail is the best solution for customers who value an open approach and place importance on the performance of the network. We are also committed to providing customers with the maximum in choice and flexibility.

by Senad_NYC(anon) on ‎10-30-2013 04:26 AM

How is this innovation>  Nuage networks (ALU's startup) has very similar product to Contrail; and has been shipping with L2 (VXLAN), and VMWare ESXI (vCenter and vCloud) support since May of 2013.  Is Contrail innovating or copying?

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