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Juniper and VMware: Taking Data Center Networks to the Next Level

by Juniper Employee ‎10-09-2012 02:18 PM - edited ‎10-10-2012 02:10 PM

SDN and virtualization are all the rage today.  Adoption of cloud technologies is broadening and customers are building dynamic data centers that require seamless scale, high performance, robust security and simplified management. The existing networking infrastructure is often complex and inflexible and the world is looking to virtualization to solve many of these challenges.  


That’s where Juniper and VMware come in. Together we offer Enterprise customers integrated solutions to help manage their data center network – both virtual and physical. We’ve collaborated on vGW for security and Junos Space Virtual Control for virtual switch management.


We’re not stopping there. Juniper and VMware are working to bring VXLAN to a variety of software services and network infrastructure platforms, including Juniper’s routers and switches.  The end result will be simplifying customer deployments by removing the pain of integrating, testing and validating multivendor solutions.  Meant to bridge the gap between traditional and virtualized networks, VXLAN empowers users with an attractive combination of flexibility, effortless network operations, and investment protection.


The Juniper and VMware relationship provides cloud service providers such as SaaS/IaaS and enterprise IT data centers with critical business agility. VXLAN supplements existing high-performance and reliable infrastructure by layering automated scalable networking through software. The Juniper–VMware partnership is an important step in the integration of multi-tenant network infrastructures and data center management systems.


Together, VMware and Juniper offer the best of both worlds—the performance and scale customers demand without sacrificing network simplicity. All while  maintaining openness for ongoing innovation and collaboration with our partners. Now, that’s taking data center networks to the next level.


See VMware blog: VMware and Juniper Collaboration - Data Center Networks


by Peter James Mannfred(anon) on ‎10-12-2012 12:37 PM

Let me get this straight - no product announcement, no integration of VXLAN on your QFabric (hardware incapable), none on EX line (Hardware incapable), nothing on the MX (would be nice)...  


Oh, and Juniper isn't listed as an author on the spec, and had nothing to show at VMWorld...  looks like you all are trying to play catch up to the leaders.

by Darrell Graham(anon) on ‎09-17-2013 04:49 PM

And here we are a year later and I still cannot even run Juniper's Network and Security Manager software on a virtual machine because Juniper won't support it. The same old line about VMWare can't handle the load. Completely ignoring the fact that most production VMWare environments have hardware specs that would put a little dedicated server to shame. I'm running 16 cores and 256GB of RAM on my hosts with 10GB ethernet and 8 GB fiber channel and it can't handle the I/O's of NSM. Really? Come on... That's BS.

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