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SDN/Network Programmability Workshop and Competition - And the Winner Is.........

by Juniper Employee ‎02-04-2013 09:45 AM - edited ‎02-04-2013 09:46 AM

Competing university teams returned to Juniper's OpenLab on Saturday, February 2nd to deliver their presentations and Junos Space solutions in the SDN/Network Programmability Hackathon. Working against a baseline problem statement, the students certainly took innovative liberties and flexed their creative muscle in discussing the problem, the opportunity and alternatives for addressing the real-world problem, while delivering strong presentations and solutions during the last day of 10-day event.


Congratulations to the student team – UNOS or “the United Nerds of Silliville” – from the University of Pennsylvania who captured first place in the SDN/Junos Space software competition. Jiehua Zhu, Tianming Zheng, and Pratikkumar Patel effectively presented the most complete solution to address the problem statement posed to the students on addressing the real world issue of network congestion.  Their UNOS “Media Server Monitor” solution enables the configuration of high and low thresholds for acceptable link utilization/performance, such that the content application used (VLC) would be able to throttle traffic as required. Their presentation reviewed the value proposition to both network operators and content providers with such a solution, while also citing the opportunity for operators to utilize intelligent functionality to offer both free and premium level services.


P1030353.JPG The UPenn Team presents their solution to the judges.


Second place was awarded to one of the student teams from NJIT, the “Guys with PhD” – Mustafa Torun, Vivek Bhoj, and Onur Yilmaz – who presented a very robust technical solution. The team was able to discuss other prospective methods for dealing with network congestion and offered flexibility in terms of monitoring either client-side or server-side links.  



P1030433.JPG The NJIT Team.  


Third place went to the team “Questionable Context” from RutgersAyaka Koshibe and James Sugrim. Their presentation and corresponding solution discussed the dual-sided solution aspects of not only throttling the application based on detecting link performance issues, but the dynamic upsizing of the network links to temporarily address application experience challenges.


P1030336.JPG Team from Rutgers gives their pitch.


Overall, the competition was very tightly contested against a set of criteria encompassing the respective team understanding of the problem, ability for adoption and scale, the end user experience afforded, overall stakeholder value, the use of the technology available, innovation, and presentation quality.


Juniper Networks would like to thank all of the university participants and the various university staff who nominated and recruited students for the event. We’d also like to thank the AT&T Foundry and other local AT&T staff for co-sponsoring and co-delivering the event. And many thanks to NJIT and Mike Ehrlich to serving as our host school and university partner for the program. Thanks to Brian Donahue (EchoLocation) and Anish Desai (Juice Tank) for serving as our 3rd party industry judges.


For application insights learned during the hackathon, readers are encouraged to read the previous New Network blog by Hal Stern posted on 2/3/2013.

by Kalyan Singh(anon) on ‎02-21-2013 12:35 PM

hi All,


i am intrested in this new technology SDN and i also working on this.


can you please sugest the simulator for SDN whose compatible with window 7.




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