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What’s new with Juniper and OpenStack Quantum?

by Juniper Employee ‎10-15-2012 01:25 PM - edited ‎10-16-2012 10:05 PM

Server virtualization is often hailed as a panacea that delivers on the promise of cloud deployments and networking environments, reducing the time required for provisioning new applications and services from weeks to literally hours/minutes.


While this is true, many people ignore the fact that it still takes days to set up the network services—for instance, configuring and synchronizing network services with the virtual network—that these applications and services require. Virtualization has simplified spinning up a new applications; it has also complicated how compute, storage and the network are managed in a cloud deployment. The only way to reduce this set up time, some contend, is to virtualize every aspect of the data center, including compute, storage and the network.  Virtualizing all the resources is just the first step, the next step is to manage all these resources in a higher level of abstraction, thus removing the complexity that virtualized resources bring to a cloud environment.


This is why cloud operators have embraced solutions like OpenStack.  Built with the strength of the open source community, OpenStack’s goal is to give cloud operators the power to manage their cloud at a higher level of abstraction, thereby reducing the management complexity of virtualized resources within the data center. 


Juniper agrees with the goals of OpenStack and believes the best way to assist in this effort is to be part of the community and contribute code.  The first step is to build plug-ins that allows the OpenStack community to interoperate with Juniper solutions.  In fact, our software developers have already started building this code, which will be donated to the OpenStack community.  The following demo provides a glimpse into what we are contributing:


Juniper QFabric running OpenStack Quantum Demo (Juniper Engineer -Sriram Subramanian)




Currently the OpenStack Quantum project is addressing the Layer 2 challenges that cause heartache and pain when provisioning a resource to the cloud.  Quantum has simplified the Layer 2 compute/network challenges.  Most if not all cloud deployments also require the same simplifications to be done in Layer 3.  And currently this is the missing piece in the Quantum project.


As a leader in MPLS/VPLS services, Juniper’s particular strength is in Layer 3.  As the open-source Quantum community starts building Layer 3 into the OpenStack solution, Juniper plans to build on top of the Quantum platform and contributing its Layer 3 expertise.


Writing a plug-in is just the first step; Juniper is also proposing building Layer 3 APIs for the next release of OpenStack Quantum software.  During next weeks OpenStack conference, Juniper’s Distinguished Engineer Sasha Ratkovic will be holding a session discussing “Quantum Layer 3 and Service API”, on Tuesday October 16,2012 at 1:50. 


OpenStack San Diego: Quantum Layer 3 and Service API


Update: 100+ attendees Sasha in action:Sasha in action


Juniper believes that contributing to the OpenStack open source community is the best way for everyone—Cloud Providers, Network System Companies and Application Developers—to benefit from the simplificaton OpenStack promises. 



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by Daniel Rodriguez Networkfaculty(anon) on ‎12-03-2012 12:01 PM



Thanks for sharing the video and the presentation.


Just one thing I'll like to point out: Please, the next time use a bigger font on your terminal, or maybe a not so large resolution on the screen. Even at 720-1080, its hard to see the console text.


Anyways, thanks

Network Faculty

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